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photo by City of Spokane Fire Department
The Spokane Fire Department - Operations Division is comprised of four platoons within two Battalions of Firefighters who work an alternating schedule of 24-hour shifts. Each Battalion is supervised by a Battalion Chief who is responsible for the emergency and administrative activities of all members assigned to that Battalion. The Deputy Chief supervises the 9 Battalion Chiefs and oversees all activities within the Operations Division.

To provide the best emergency care service possible, all Spokane Fire Department uniformed staff are trained Emergency Medical Technicians or are First Aid trained. A total of 11 stations are trained to provide Advanced Life Support (ALS) and the remaining four provide Basic Life Support (BLS).

Spokane firefighters are members of the IAFF Local 29

Help Needed  If you are a firefighter in Spokane, we need your help to verify the station information shown below is current and correct, please email us

photo by City of Spokane Fire Department

photo by City of Spokane Fire Department
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Spokane Fire Department  -  Stations & Apparatus
Spokane Fire Department 44 West Riverside Ave Spokane 509-625-7000
Sta Engine Truck Special Units Address Area
1 Eng 1 Ladder 1 Hazmat 1, HAZ-1 (Decon Unit), Squad 1, Battalion Chief 1 44 West Riverside Ave  
2 Eng 2 Ladder 2 ARU-2 (Alternative Response Unit), Rescue 2 1001 East North Foothills Dr  
3 Eng 3   Eng 55 (Reserve) 1713 West Indiana Ave  
4 Eng 4 Ladder 4 SU SAR (USAR), ARU-4, Rescue 4 1515 West First Ave  
5     Attack 5 115 West Eagle Ridge Blvd  
6 Eng 6   Brush 51, Brush 6 1615 South Spotted Rd  
7 Eng 7   Brush 7, Eng 51 (Reserve) 1901 East First Ave  
8 Eng 8   Brush 8, Eng 54 (Reserve) 1608 North Rebecca Street  
9 Eng 9   Rescue 9, Ladder 52 (Reserve) 1722 South Bernard Street  
11   PI-11 Brush 11, Medic 11, ARU-51 3214 South Perry Street  
13   PI-13 Medic 13, Battalion Chief 2 1118 West Wellesley Ave  
14 Eng 14   Brush 14 1807 South Ray Street  
15 Eng 15   Brush 15 2120 East Wellesley Ave  
16 Eng 16   Rescue 16 5225 North Assembly Street  
17 Eng 17   Brush 17, Eng 57 5121 West Lowell Road  
18 Eng 18   Eng 52 (Reserve), Ladder 51 (Reserve) 120 East Lincoln Street  
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